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Press Conference for CARD Half-Year Review
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China Alliance for Respiratory Disease (CARD) held the First Annual Summit successfully in Beijing on December 20th, 2015. The Summit not only reviewed the fruitful achievements from the Continual Medical Education (CME), medical device donation and disease health education since the CARD established in April but also discussed how to improve the level of chronic respiratory disease control in China.

23 medias covering the publicity, medicine, television, network field attended the event.

Meeting Review:
A vivid video began the Summit which showed the efforts and fruitful results in health care professional trainings, medical device donations, public health educations achieved by CARD in 6 months. Ms. Lily Hsu, Program Director of Project HOPE Shanghai Office, made a detail introduction of CARD program.
The video showed the feedbacks and thanks for CARD by several medical staff. Professor Ma Jing, Shanghai Jiao Tong University Public Health Academy, shared the trends and countermeasures for COPD economic burden with all the participants.
Professor Shen Kunling, Beijing Children’s Hospital, proposed the expectations and suggestions to enhance the prevention and treatment level for children’s asthma disease. She also emphasized the significance of the Project--Pudong Children’s Asthma Community-based Management, which conducted by Project HOPE and Shanghai Children’s Medical Center will  improve the health care system and treatment for children’s asthma.
Professor Wang Chen, Chinese Academy of Engineering, Chinese Medical Association, Chairman of China-Japan Friendship Hospital, delivered a speech --- the Severe Challenge of Chronic Respiratory Disease in China. He affirmed the outstanding contribution in the field of medical device donation, health care professional training and public health education achieved by CARD in 6 months and showed his full confidence of CARD in future development.
Ms. Zhang Hui, Vice President of AstraZeneca shared the efforts on improving chronic respiratory disease in China by AZ. She also showed a good wish for improving the life quality of patient and enhancing Chinese chronic respiratory disease diagnosis and treatment level through cooperating with the entire medical system and industry.
In the end, Professor Wang Chen, Professor Shen Kunling and Ms. Lily Hsu presented the award to the special sponsors for thanking their great supports for CARD.
Media Feedback:
CCTV News says, “Today Beijing issued the Red haze warming again. It is a good opportunity to talk about COPD in such terrible weather.”
China Daily says, “Since the continuous severe haze, respiratory problem becomes a hot social concern, we want to chat with the experts about the relationship between air pollution and respiratory disease.”
Takung Pao says “Multi organization to support CARD, it is a recommended way to conduct disease education work.”
Media Report:
The conference room
Prof. Wang Chen gave a speech -- the Severe Challenge of Chronic Respiratory Disease in China.


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